About Cameron Menzies

From receiving my first Australian watercolour at the age of thirteen as a Christmas gift from my mother to wielding the gavel and achieving world record prices as Head Auctioneer for a leading Australian auction house, I have enjoyed great fulfilment and enrichment through a lifelong relationship with art.

I have worn many hats in my professional life: collector, auctioneer, art specialist, curator, head of department, valuer, dealer, managing director, executive and auction house scion.  My breadth and depth of experience uniquely positions me to provide holistic support to clients as they pursue their aspirations with art.

A lifetime spent amidst fine art in many guises has crystallised into two key areas of passionate interest:

Achieving exceptional results for buyers and sellers of fine art through collaboration, communication and diligence from both sides    

Conveying the sense of joy and adventure associated with building an art collection to both budding and seasoned collectors 

Through Five Fifty Art Advisory, my charter is to share this nous and intellectual property accessibly for the direct benefit of you and your art collection.

I look forward to working with you.

Cameron Menzies

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